Tips dating danish men

21-Mar-2016 17:53

Needless to say, avoid all illegal activities in India.

I have travelled all over India, on overnight trains, in countless autorickshaws and taxis, and sometimes even on the backs of motorcycles.

If I feel someone is harassing me for whatever reason, I have become very adept at either becoming very cold and ignoring them, or becoming quickly angry and saying “jaao,” loudly, which means “go” in Hindi.

In India, you have to be careful about how you relate to some men — specifically, less educated men working in service, transportation or hospitality.

As a Canadian, I come from a culture of politeness, but sometimes in India — often, in fact — polite doesn’t work.In other words, if you are overly friendly with an autorickshaw driver, you could inadvertently be giving him the wrong signals.It’s unfortunate that foreign women are sometimes seen as more “available” than Indian women, too — which doesn’t help.You have to accept reality: India is a traditional society in the throes of great change.

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It is very wise to play it safe, as I do, and wear loose, modest clothes; refrain from overly friendly behaviour with unknown men; and be very cautious about moving around at night. I’ve had many online discussions with women who travel regularly in India about staying safe.

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