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04-Nov-2016 13:34

Neal is accused of sexually abusing one of his underage students.He is charged with soliciting a minor via a computer and sexual abuse by a parent or guardian.Given that law enforcement continues to investigate Mr.Neal, it would not be appropriate for me to discuss specifics regarding the allegations against him.According to court documents, Neal used his school e-mail address to solicit photos of the victim.All of the physical abuse took place inside of his classroom at Putnam Career and Technical Center."He's just a bad guy.

Former Putnam County Teacher, Kevin Neal, has been charged with two felonies following a two month investigation.

He was in a position that allowed him to be a bad guy and that's probably why he went after that position in the first place," said Chief Deputy Eric Hayzlett, of the Putnam County Sheriff's Department.

"To me, somebody who puts themselves into a position where they have access to children, as a predator like this man has done, makes him so much worse to me, personally.

At tonight's board meeting, I recommended the termination of teacher Kevin Neal. Neal was afforded the right to a hearing before the board, he did not appear. Neal's recent conduct has been wholly unacceptable, and illegal in nature.

The board unanimously accepted my recommendation to terminate Mr. His conduct was immediately at the time reported to local law enforcement and to the West Virginia Department of Education.The reason for his resignation was "personal", according to that personnel agenda.