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They each have such distinctive writing styles and the joke and insult density is unparalleled by any of the other writers.It probably also helps that I've watched all of ASP's endeavors (and like "Gilmore Girls," had a love/hate obesssion with them) and remember her writing well from "Roseanne." Amy and Dan definitely have their faults, which we'll continue to discuss, but it's unfair not to recognize their talent.And that off-the-shoulder neckline accentuates her horrible, slouchy posture and makes me very happy I switched to a standing desk at work. Her purse is a long, velvet, indigo pouch with gold strings - kind of like one of those gym class backpacks from the early 2000's.The seams in the bodice are crooked and the material and lining look cheap. I think the shoes also have glitter and heels that would maybe be appropriate for a small toddler, but not a teenager. I'm very happy she didn't lose her virginity in this colossal, Holly Hobbie trainwreck.Someone needs to go through Lorelai's closet and toss out all of her stupid, sometimes racist, Asian t-shirts.Sookie's pre-Rory's dance outfit is also really hideous, but I'm giving her a free pass because she brings tacos AND burritos.Instead of talking about those regrets (like, say, to a therapist) and realizing it's okay to have them, she buries them deep and only lets them surface in really unhealthy ways.If she were to admit that having a kid at sixteen really altered the course of her life in some ways that weren't desirable wouldn't make her a bad mom!

I'm pretty sure I could identify every episode written by the Palladinos without the help of IMDB.

​ Stars Hollow weirdness: There isn't much townie action in this episode, but Doose's Market continues to be one of the weirdest groceries I've ever seen it. I really need to find some good "GG" bar trivia so I can show up and make my pointless knowledge relevant for an hour.