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Winslet’s Alex is so badly injured that she can’t even take off her own trousers when she needs to pee. That doesn’t affect her sense of aesthetics or her journalistic opportunism.

At the most dangerous points in the narrative, she will always find time to take a picture.

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We know the moment they board the little plane that it’s bound to crash.

Elba, Winslet and their Dutch-Palestinian director Hany Abu-Asad (Oscar nominated for both ) are heavyweights in a very lightweight vehicle.

Alex and surgeon Dr Ben Bass (Idris Elba) are strangers who are stranded when their flight is cancelled at short notice. It’s Alex’s idea to charter a little twin engine plane to take them to Denver.

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The pilot (Beau Bridges) is on the elderly side and isn’t very good at spotting storms.The Hangover 2- The same thing in a different country.

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