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They were splash bottles, a usual design for the era, but there was also the option of attaching a spray mechanism, as depicted in this photo.The parfum version was encased in the previous design flacons with the cap in gold.Spletne parfumerije ima jasno paleto luksuznih in poceni parfumi, kjer lahko celo prišli čez Valentino testerji preizkusiti pred nakupom parfum. To se spreminja glede na intenzivnost dišave, natančneje sestavka parfuma, povzroča različno trdnost in trajnost.Lahko izpolnjujejo pojme, kot so parfumi, parfumske vode, toaletne vode ali kolonjske vode in drugačen pristop k njihovi uporabi.

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, so it becomes much easier for all of our readers.

The amphora shape in rather simplified form became the design for Diorissimo later on.

Some of these bottles rise their heads from time to time, at costly prices. The same design was recently used for the : a tall cylinder of leveled glass with a wide, round silver cap with the name in a band across its breadth; and a smaller flask-shaped flacon with a transparent round cap and the name on a thick-paper insert on the front of the bottle, crowned by the characteristic little bow of parfums Dior.

The versions circulating included Eau de Toilette and Eau de Cologne, lighter concentrations than extrait de parfum, but bearing all the radiance and beauty of the original formula.

These are the bottles I recall on my grandmother's vanity as a small child.

And an Eau de Cologne was also circulating in this tall presentation.