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The distribution, which we prcfi T, lian Ik^-h aln.'aiiy indiewted, (in § 4 — II of tliii* Introduction,] and need not here be repeated. Historians hare adopted diffei'ent cli UMitication*^ ; such as their fancies or their design H in writing jiointid out.

INSTITUTES or ECCLESIASTICAL HISTORY UNDEB THE NEW TESTAMENT. COHTAINIXa THE HISTORY OP THE CHEISTUN CHURCH, imo M THE BIRTH OF CHRIST, TO CONSTANTINE THE GREAT. Tltit d«n n«t it Mp taiv place ; lierefitn it did nol im andmt timr/;. Nor ia it of small advantage ti) know thv urijipa of the nutncrnufl and ab»urd opinion^ Hupvr Btitions. piwxp U; Amfon, dlw Msn, t Jtc tarligr c Ant Hmt mt thai. if written bv persona free fmrn Hkss and other faului, cannot fail to be fi;n»tiy benvlicii U to mankind at large, but espc^ciall}' to th« t«»ehem mm) fruidos of th awaken piou A omotinn^, ami Ut in»til i W love of t Jud into hilci-wann ni Jndrt. which have occtured in every age of the church, or^nating often from small beginnings, proelaiiu aloud t\tt\ proridence of (iod, and the ins Lahility and vanity of all human tilings. «nlnund Map, ibosi Dj the Co Dipantivc Atiiiiidv uf Mountain! Foe) such knowledge will enable us to discover the tni Ui more i dearly, to priise it more, and to defend it better. interna], require a method or arrangemont of the work, suited to lioth. I6IOUR STATE OF Tl IK WOKLP AT THE BIRTH OF OUR fl ATIOUR.

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and errors, I which Mlill prevail in tnnny parte of the christian worid. ELLIOTSON'S HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY.- One thick Tolutn B, 8vo.

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