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09-May-2016 00:18

This paper will explore the online gameworld of Second Life (SL) to exemplify how people using online games or environments understand, view and respond to sexual ageplay.

It is thus beyond the remit of this paper to engage in a moral, research evidence or legal debate about the harmfulness or wrongness of sexual ageplay.

These tend to not be very prescriptive as that is against the ethos of SL and SL residents, but sim owners and operators have the right to eject any resident from their sim.

Sexual ageplay is one of the only virtual behaviours that are explicitly prohibited across the grid, and sim owners’ have responsibility to report any concerns regarding sexual ageplay and to eject child and child-like avatars and residents from adult-only M sims.

Exploring the cultural understandings of the issue from the users’ perspective is particularly important given the reliance of such online environments on these users to identify and report such behaviour which contravenes the rules of the environment.

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This can be inanimate as well as animate objects, real or mythical, like the resident (or an aspect of themselves) or not.

Thus M sims have widened in definition from being for RL adult residents only to RL adult residents and non-child-like avatars.