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Roman will call once to tell you he’s cleaning up and moments later the loan sharks arrive. Once the loan sharks arrive, it’s time to warn your cousin. Your cousin makes a quick exit out of the card game and gets into the taxi.Objective: Lose the loan sharks and take Roman back to the cab depot. Return to your cousin’s car and drive back to the cab depot to complete the mission. Drive quickly and get out of the flashing wanted zone indicated on the mini-map.

After the fight, Roman wants your help in picking up Mallorie, his girlfriend. This Russian style clothing department is back near the safehouse. Follow the tutorial instructions to punch, kick, counter, block, etc. Take ‘em down one at a time to complete the objective. Roman finally arrives and saves you from more of Vlad’s blabbering. Along the way, he gives you a pistol—apparently he may need some backup. Proceed to the lookout spot and watch for any "badness". Crouch and aim your pistol in his direction and prepare for the "badness". Vlad wants you to shake down some guy who owns a china shop—the guy owes Vlad some money.

Take the opportunity to save your game with a power nap on the bed before heading out to meet with Roman; he’s marked on the mini-map at his cab depot, the Express Car Service. The hardware store is actually a front for an underground gambling ring.

Apparently Roman pays off his debt by getting into more debt—your cousin is playing with money he was supposed to give to Albanian loan sharks.

Don’t toss the brick into the double doorway—it just bounces off (and you’ll probably have to go get another brick). You hand over the money and complete the mission, earning for your efforts. Get back into your car and drive the route to the laundromat. Push into the side of the van and attempt to ram it off of the road. You’re given a choice here: complete Vlad’s task and knock Ivan off of the building and let him fall to his death or save Ivan’s life and tell him to get out of Liberty City. If you do choose to save Ivan’s life, you can meet him later in the game for some side tasks. He wants to take drive but you’ll need to get behind the wheel because Little Jacob is just a tad under the influence. Objective: Take Jacob to the apartment block in Willis.

Toss the brick through the windows on the left side. Vlad has another non-paying customer—a guy who owns a laundromat on Masterson Street. Get out of the car and approach the marked entrance. It may not happen the first, second, or even third time. If the van makes a left or right turn, take the opportunity to ram straight into the side, which could topple the van and end the mission quickly. As you pursue across a catwalk, he’ll slip and hang precariously off the edge. You’re driving Jacob to a deal…but Jacob is a little paranoid.

This Gamespot game guide to Grand Theft Auto IV features: This section provides walk-throughs for all of the single-player story missions.

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