Friendly executive romances executives dating

18-Jul-2016 06:40

Signs in New York’s Times Square flash, “Zippergate.” Electronic banners in London’s Leicester Square guffaw “Ovalgate and Oralgate.” Radios and televisions blare interviews and commentary as sophisticated as teenage locker-room jokes.

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Where people from all walks of life are captivated by the clandestine meetings of the CEO of the most revered workplace in the world.

Indeed, according to a 1994 survey conducted by New York City-based American Management Association, 30 percent of managers responding acknowledged having at least one office liaison of their own; 74 percent approved of dating co-workers, and 21 percent approved of dating subordinates.

(AMA Overnight Fax Poll, Exclusive to Money Magazine: “Office Romance”).

Usually, it was the woman who brought it to the attention of the company—after a sour break-up—and, most often because of the power-differential, she was the one who was fired or quit her job.

Times are different now, and companies are rethinking their positions.

And rumor has it that a Midwest firm prohibits eye-to-eye contact with the opposite sex for longer than 30 seconds!